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  1. Who is TDLC?
  2. What subscriptions are available?
  3. How do I get access to a subscription?
  4. Is there a cost?
  5. What technologies does TDLC use?
1. Who is TDLC?

TDLC is the developer and host of a new form of media we call participatory texts. Participatory texts are online educational interactive multimedia course materials with integrated communication features. Each participatory text is available by subscription.

We have developed a standard set of services to support participatory texts, such as context-sensitive chat and news, and integrated syllabus management. Our services include Internet hosting, subscriber database management, payment processing, and subscriber authentication and authorization.

  • For students, we provide interactive textbooks and other course materials online in conjunction with our publisher partners. We also offer students a chance to discuss class material with other students and instructors. Many of the texts offer special features such as extra examples and solutions to exercises.
  • For instructors, we provide the Syllabus Builder. The Syllabus Builder allows you to create a "live" syllabus linking directly to the online text as well as your own course materials.
  • For textbook publishers, we provide a new way to distribute products to customers. We are committed to making online content delivery a viable complement to print delivery.
2. What subscriptions are available?

For a complete list of subscriptions, follow the link below.

     View our complete product list.

3. How do I get access to a subscription?

Simply select from the product list on the home page. We collect three types of information to give you access to each subscription you choose.

  1. User Information
    We need to know how to contact you about your subscription, including your name, mailing address, and email address. This information is available only to TDLC and the publisher of the text to which you subscribe.
  2. School Information
    If you are affiliated with a school, we need to know which school to associate your subscription with. This information is available only to TDLC and the publisher of the text to which you subscribe.
  3. Payment Information
    You may pay for your subscription with a credit card or a voucher obtained from the publisher or the bookstore. Credit card information is available only to TDLC, CyberCash, your credit card company, and our bank.

4. Is there a cost?

Yes, the subscription fee gives you access for a given amount of time. Check each individual product for subscription pricing. Note that in many cases, the cost is lower than the equivalent printed text. Furthermore, you pay only for the subscriptions you need.

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